Dual-Alternator Kit Available for Cessna 182/T182 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 July 2010 10:17

Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems of Montgomery, Ala., has announced the availability of an FAA/STC-approved, dual-95-amp alternator kit for Lycoming-powered Cessna 182 and Turbo 182 aircraft. Targeting the higher-utilization 182 owners who use their aircraft in IFR and night operations, the company’s system provides the comforting reliability of a full-powered redundant electrical system with a minimal weight increase of 23 pounds.

Up until now, Part 135 operators using 182s have had to add an extra battery or a small
15-20-amp generator providing only enough power to safely divert to an alternate. The Kelly dual-alternator kit for the T182/T182T provides a fully redundant 95 amps to power all systems, so your trip can be completed as planned.

The FAA/STC-approved kit includes a duplicate 95-amp alternator to the original equipment, along with all the pulleys, belts, brackets, and hardware for installation on the Lycoming IO-540-series engines. All system controls are conveniently panel-mounted, and the backup system is simply activated with a flip of a switch. No further worrying about loss of your lighting or G1000 glass panel at night or IFR conditions.

Installation during your next major maintenance event or annual should add only a few hours to the process. The system operates independently of the aircraft MCU, providing total electrical-system redundancy.

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