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Written by Cessna Owner Organization Staff   
Friday, 16 November 2012 14:14

A custom-fitted aircraft cover from Bruce’s Custom Covers can protect your aircraft from the hazards of the changing seasons. For decades, operators have learned that covering their aircraft is the best protection from the elements that money can buy. A well-protected aircraft enhances its safety, operation, and utility, thereby ensuring the security, comfort, and enjoyment of its occupants.

Fall flying can be one of a pilot’s greatest pleasures, and with the changing colors come a rash of undesirable weather conditions. These include airborne particles, frost and precipitation, gusty winds, flash storms, and more. Protecting an aircraft from the elements is essential, as is protection from foreign object debris.

Common hazards throughout the fall flying season include airborne debris from trees, dust, and pollen. These items can remain stuck to an aircraft’s exterior and can embed over time into most any surface. The contaminants can affect an aircraft’s paint and can harm windows, making them hazy, scratched, and even distorted. Additionally, the sun’s rays are constantly working on an aircraft with harmful ultraviolet radiation. Routine cycles of sun and frost will affect an airplane’s interior, causing damage to plastics and upholstery, even avionics. A custom-fitted aircraft cover can keep an airplane’s interior sealed, temperate, and dry, alleviating many of these problems.

Atmospheric elements and debris are constantly working against aircraft stored outside, both on a short-term or long-term basis. However, aircraft can also be damaged while being stored inside. Opening a hangar door can cause air pressure changes, and gusty winds can send debris flying. Also, there are incidental damages that happen with the doors closed, commonly referred to as hangar rash. The best solution for protecting an aircraft exterior is a custom-fitted cover.

Bruce’s Custom Covers is a designer and manufacturer of protective aircraft covering systems for airplanes, jets, helicopters, gliders, and ground service equipment. The company uses state-of-the-art materials and methodologies to ensure durability, quality, and finish.

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