Sun 'n Fun

Sun 'n Fun

I had the opportunity to spend Tuesday thru Thursday at Sun 'n Fun, and thought I'd pass along some observations.

The weather was predictably nice, and the vendor hangars were busy all three  days. Any products related to weather detection was of particular interest to many of the attendees. Those guys were really busy.

There was a large group of fully restored C-195's on the flight line - very nice. They also did a couple of fly-bys on Wednesday afternoon, which was fun to see.

As expected, there was a lot of interest in the Sport Pilot area, with a number of manufacturers touting their wares.

The FAA safety seminars were generally worthwhile. One program, "Losing Control of a Perfectly Good Airplane", was presented by an interesting lady, Ms. Janeen Kochan, a scientist and former 767 captain. She detailed episodes of pilot induced oscillation (PIO), and had some facinating footage of an Airbus porpoising wildly down the runway. Clearly this is not a phenomena limited to us GA folks. She also had some good information on upset recovery techniques and training.

I also accomplished three personal goals during the show: bought my wife new headsets, bought myself sunglasses to replace the ones I flattened the last time I flew, and did not buy a new airplane.

Mission accomplished.

Randy Augustinak
COO Member Support Manager

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