Model C-150/152 Vertical Fin Attachment Bracket Alert

Model C-150/152 Vertical Fin Attachment Bracket Alert

Aviation Alerts
Extracted From:
AC No. 43-16A
Alert No. 313
August 2004

Cessna; Model 150/152; Vertical Fin Attachment Bracket; ATA 5553

The FAA has become aware that during compliance with the requirements of Airworthiness Directive (AD) 80-11-04, maintenance technicians are finding cracks in the vertical fin attachment bracket (P/N 0432004-9). The AD deals with cracking failure of the vertical fin attachment bracket nut plates.

Approximately 80 percent of the attachment bracket cracks found are associated with Cessna model 152-series airplanes that were manufactured in 1978, including models 152, A152, F152, and FA152.

Cracks in the vertical fin attachment brackets (P/Ns 0432004–1 and 0432004-9) have also been found in Cessna models 150F, 150H, 150J, 150L, and 150M. Therefore, all Cessna model 150/152 airplanes built between 1966 and 1980 should be inspected. This part should be inspected initially within the next 100 hours of time in service and every 100 hours of time in service thereafter or during inspections required by the AD.

The prevalent crack location is along the edge of the plate welded on the back of the attachment bracket.

Some cracks turn and run diagonally across the plate. Use of mirrors and extra light to look through the holes in the back face will help to find these cracks.

In addition, cracks in both the stabilizer spar (P/N 0432001-56) and its reinforcement (P/N 0432001-15) are being reported to the FAA. The vertical fin attachment bracket is attached to this spar and reinforcement.

Therefore, the spar and reinforcement need to be inspected during the inspection intervals mentioned above. If these cracks are allowed to go undetected, the vertical and/or horizontal tail assembly could possibly separate from the airplane.

In November 2003, Cessna issued Service Bulletin SEB03-6, which required inspecting the bracket and rear spar area for cracks. Cessna recently revised the bracket, and the new part is (P/N 0432004-10). This part is physically
interchangeable with the earlier parts but has a longer fatigue life.

This problem was also published in Transport Canada, Service Difficulty Advisory, No. AV-2000-06, Cessna 150 and 152, Vertical Fin Attachment Bracket Cracking, dated December 6, 2000.

A search of the FAA Service Difficulty Reporting Program data base from the beginning of 2000 revealed 17 reports involving (P/N 0432004). Since 1974, there have been 39 similar reports.

Part total time: unknown.

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