Cessna: 172P; Cracked Bracket—Wing T.E. Skin Support; ATA 5753

Cessna: 172P; Cracked Bracket—Wing T.E. Skin Support; ATA 5753

This mechanic writes, “The wing trailing edge skin support bracket (P/N 0523231-24) cracked in the bend radius.

The specific location of the cracked part is inboard of the R/H flap track rib as station 39.0 inches. This part has a ¼ inch crack from the leading edge of the tab aft—and another crack in the same bend radius ¾ inch from the trailing edge of the tab, forward. The bend radius cracked is the one nearest the flap track rib. The tab appears to be under excessive stress. It is deflected down as viewed from the front of the aircraft facing aft. (Here)...the trailing edge wing skin makes a significant increase in it’s curve--aft of the last tab attaching rivet--as view from the outboard edge of the skin, looking inboard through the flap track slot. Inspection of our fleet (including) Cessna 152(s), a 172, a 172RG, and 182(s) revealed similar conditions on many of the brackets and/or cracked wing skins at the bracket attach point. There is very little clearance between these brackets and the flap support rails. Any cracking or excessive deformation can cause the flap support rails to grab the bracket upon retraction, resulting in failure of the flap and possible loss of control of the aircraft. It is my opinion that a revised flap support bracket be designed and installed in such a (manner) as to alleviate the stresses imposed on the bracket and to increase the clearance between the flap support rails and the bracket.” (A search of the SDRS data base yields two similar defect entries. Of course, entering a generic 172 generates 59 assorted entries for this ATA code.).

Part Total Time: 11,427.4 hours.

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