Precision Airmotive: Carburetor; MA3SPA; Bent Float Fork; ATA 7322

Precision Airmotive: Carburetor; MA3SPA; Bent Float Fork; ATA 7322

(An FAA inspector with the Flight Standards District Office in Fairbanks, Alaska submitted the following Malfunction and Defect Report.)

“Witnesses to the (Taylorcraft F-19) accident reported the engine quit during takeoff at approximately 300-500 feet AGL (above ground level). During examination of the engine components it was noted the carburetor float needle retractor fork on the advanced Polymar float (P/N 30-804) was bent away from the float at an approximate 45 degree angle. This condition would lead to the float having to drop almost full travel to allow fuel to flow into the carburetor. Precision SIL MS-4 Revision 1 addresses the new advanced Polymar floats, referencing installation instruction E-955. There is no warning or caution to alert overhaul (facilities) to be aware of this bent fork condition in either of these documents. (The following is recommended) ...for the overhaul manual: A) specify the clearance between the forked retractor and the float body, B) specify the float drop required to allow fuel to inflow to the carburetor bowl, C) provide clear photographs to illustrate correct retractor fork/clip positions, and D) reinstate the spring clip on the float valve to ensure positive pull (...on this valve).”

(The SDRS data base records seven additional entries on this specific part number, beginning in 2001. Defects include the float being partially to totally filled with fuel, chaffing on the housing sides, and deteriorating glue

Part Total Time: 70.5 hours.

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