Cessna: 650; Loose Metering Pin (internal-strut); ATA 3213

Cessna: 650; Loose Metering Pin (internal-strut); ATA 3213

A company technician states, “The R/H main gear oleo strut would not compress (after landing) more than 50% of normal. The aircraft was jacked and service of the strut was checked as normal. The aircraft was lowered off jacks and the strut compressed as normal. On the next landing the strut again would not compress. The oleo (assembly P/N 6241115-4) was removed from the aircraft and disassembled. The metering pin (P/N 6241113-2) inside the strut was loose and moving around inside the strut. Further examination of the metering pin revealed the nylon thread locking device showed no evidence of ever contacting the threads inside the upper barrel. This locking device was too deep (within) the recess provided in the metering pin. This condition did not provide the self-locking feature and thus allowed the pin to rotate and come loose. Damage to the upper barrel of the oleo was extensive and had to be replaced. The part number of the locking device is NAS1283N375. It is also noted the component manual for this oleo does not have the correct installation instructions for this particular (oleo) part number. It does have the proper instructions for other part number oleos contained in the same manual.” (Time since this strut’s overhaul was given as 901.0 hours and 768 landings.)

Part Total Time: 7,929.2 hours (estimated).

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