Goodyear: Inner-tube; Label/Adhesive Induced Deterioration; ATA 3245

Goodyear: Inner-tube; Label/Adhesive Induced Deterioration; ATA 3245

<p><strong><font color = "blue">Goodyear: Inner-tube; Label/Adhesive Induced Deterioration; ATA 3245</font> </strong></p>
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<p><em>(The following defect report was submitted through the Flight Standards District Office in Fargo , North Dakota . Contact information is provided at the article's end.) </em></p>
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<p>A technician servicing a Cessna 208B describes his investigation into a tire/tube defect. “The R/H main gear tire <em>(on this aircraft) </em>was reported low <em>(on air pressure </em>). <em>(We) </em>removed the tire to check the tube—it looked old.. <em>.(so it was replaced with a new tube, size 8.50 x 10.00 </em>). One week later this tire <em>(again) </em>was reported low.... We removed the tire and inspected the tube. The tube was leaking on one side and almost worn through on the opposite side. After further investigation we determined the stickers inside this 8.50 x 10.00 FC III tire (P/N 850T86-2) had caused the failure. This was the second failure on the same gear position with the second new tube in seven weeks.” The submitter states he contacted Goodyear and the local Flight Standards District Office - both of whom responded quickly with information. He describes receiving e-mail from Goodyear indicating “...stickers are put in all of the tubeless tires...”, but—their (Goodyear's) website and/or maintenance procedures clearly indicate these stickers are to be removed from tires when they are used with tubes. <em>“(I) </em>hope this information will help others in the field so they do not experience these same problems.”. </p>

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