Cessna: 182P; Cracked T.E. Wing Skin Support Brackets; ATA 5753

Cessna: 182P; Cracked T.E. Wing Skin Support Brackets; ATA 5753

<p><strong><font color = "blue">Cessna: 182P; Cracked T.E. Wing Skin Support Brackets; ATA 5753</font></strong> </p>
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<p><em>(Be certain to note the part number in this discrepancy is also found in the previous report—Ed.) </em></p>
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<p>A mechanic/D.O.M. <em>(director of maintenance) </em>writes, “The wing trailing edge skin support bracket cracked, causing flap interference and failure. This bracket is attached to each flap track rib inside the trailing edge of the wing. Its purpose is to support the trailing edge wing skin in the flap bay. This part cracked and allowed the flap support to get caught during flap retraction, consequently binding the flap. The flap structure failed before the flap motor caused the circuit breaker to trip. The resulting configuration of the flaps caused significant yaw in flight. </p>
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<p>Inspection of our fleet of Cessna 152, 172, 172RG, and 182 <em>(aircraft) </em>revealed similar conditions on many of these brackets and/or cracked wing skins at the bracket attach point. There is very little clearance between these brackets and the flap support rails by design. In addition, many of the brackets rest firmly against the upper portion of the flap support rails when the flaps are fully retracted and properly rigged. <em>(I) </em>suggest regular inspection of these brackets for wear and cracks. I'm unable to locate this part in any of the Cessna Parts Manuals. </p>
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The bracket appears to be a sub-part of the whole rib assembly (P/N 1221010-15; Cessna 182P). Judging by the irregularity of the rivet holes in the brackets and the flap track rib, it appears these brackets may have been hand drilled by the factory.”

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