Cessna: 421A; Shorting Starter Cable

Cessna: 421A; Shorting Starter Cable

<p><strong><font color = "blue">Cessna: 421A; Shorting Starter Cable; ATA 8011</font></strong></p>
<p>“During starting of the left engine,” writes a submitter, “smoke was observed coming from the louvers on the top of the left engine. The engine was shut down and the smoke subsided. Inspection revealed the <em>(number...) </em>two gauge starter and alternator power cables were burned in half near the turbocharger. Fourteen other wires in the same bundle were also burned in half, or severely heat damaged. The electrical fire was a result of the starter cable shorting to ground on the turbo support bracket (P/N 5155101-20). The electrical bundle had been resting on this bracket for some time until the wire insulation was chaffed through. Inspection of the other engine revealed similar chaffing and the possibility of a short.” </p>
<p><em>(Listen...one can almost hear cowlings popping open from distant airports. It would seem to be an easy defect to look for and to correct. Forget the nightmare-flight scenario for a moment—how much money could be saved with a quick, 15-minute inspection? The submitter missed the opportunity to immortalize the concept with one good photo...just reading it makes one cringe!) </em></p>

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