Cessna: CE-560; Burned Florescent Light Power Supply; ATA 3320

Cessna: CE-560; Burned Florescent Light Power Supply; ATA 3320

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<h2 class="style1">Cessna: CE-560; Burned  Florescent Light Power Supply; ATA 3320</h2>
<p>“Smoke was  reported in the cabin,” writes the submitter. <em>“(We) </em>found the left forward fluorescent light protected power  supply showing signs of overheating. <em>(We) </em>removed the protected power supply P/N TR922 and installed P/N AL-5112. <em>(As a precautionary measure we...) </em>changed  the inverter connected to this power supply— removing P/N 18-994 and installing  P/N AL-5114. System operational checks were normal.”</p>
<p><em>(The FAA Service Difficulty Reporting System data base  records a similar lighting defect on a Cessna 550. In this report the writer  states, “The AL5112 power supply does not have enough power to light the  forward cabin fluorescent bulbs. It is rated to ‘inches of bulb’—the  manufacturer having 2 bulbs equaling 69 inches installed.”</em></p>
<p><em>This technician describes replacing multiple parts to no  avail—that even the aircraft tech-reps were stumped.”</em></p>
<p><em>“...we came to the conclusion the manufacturer created a  lighting system using this AL5112 part, but they seem to have overlooked the  fact each power supply can only power up to 52 inches of bulb.” Unfortunately,  this report does not include references for the conclusion or a description of  their solution. The Airworthiness Directive data base has one entry referencing  the indirect lighting system—AD 88-06-02—through a Cessna 550 service letter;  its relevance to the power supply is unknown. No similar AD was found for the  560.)</em></p>
<p><strong>Part Total Time: 8,449.0 hours.</strong></p>

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