Looking for a flight from FL to NC

Looking for a flight from FL to NC


I'm looking for some advice and direction. I need find a flight from St. Petersburg, Fl to New Bern, NC for my mother and myself. She is in a wheelchair. It takes several separate flights with layovers on commercial airlines to get from point A to B. So, I'm thinking a private flight might be a better solution for my mother.

Where does one start looking for a pilot and a plane? I know there are charter companies out there. But, the planes look a little big (and expensive) for our needs.

Is there a way to find an experienced pilot, without the charter company? How do I know that I'm working with someone reputable, and safe?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Looking for a flight from FL to NC

Since no one's replied, I'll take a crack at it.  If price is a consideration, you won't beat an airline price.  Personally, I hate flying via airlines and much prefer the convenience and security of a private charter flight.  I suspect you will find that to be quite expensive. 

Unfortunately, the FAA has taken a very narrow look at private and commercial pilots who fly people to destinations they want to go to and consider those flights for hire to be illegal air carrier operations.  They have taken very strict enforcement actions against pilots who offer those types of flights.  If you find one willing to fly the trip for you, the pilot will be doing so at great risk to his license if he does not have a part 135 charter certificate.  Also, at the current price of fuel, you'll probably find the flight to be surprisingly expensive. 

Call your local charter company and check their prices.  If it's too expensive, airlines will be your only legal way to go.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

bob mc

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