What would you do?

What would you do?

I’m looking at replacing the engine in my 172 within the next 18 months with a 180hp O-360.  By doing that I can get an STC to raise my gross weight from 2300 to 2550 by limiting my flaps to 30 degrees.

My “normal” load is around 2100 - 2200 gross when loaded with all of the camping gear and looking for a grass strip to land on.  I plan to spend as much of my vacation time looking for new strips in the mountains to camp on after landing.  I have large tires and the Cleveland double puck brakes along with the Sportsman STOL kit and PowerFlow exhaust system.

I have no intentions of selling the plane.

I see myself with three options:

1.  Modify the flaps and go for the gross increase;

2.  Get the STC, stick it in the aircraft files, and do nothing unless I sell the plane.  If I decide to sell the plane, offer to have my mechanic perform the STC mod to the flaps if it helps with the sale;

3.  Do nothing, save the $100 or so that the STC will cost me.

What advice to you have for me – and why?


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Re: What would you do?

enWon't you need an STC to install the 180hp engine and prop? I think so.
The 180 should give you a big increase in climb performance over the 150 or 160 hp.

I'd do the flap STC while the airplane is down for the engine. If I were to guess all the flap STC entails is moving the flap actuator down limit switch and placarding the panel.

40 degrees of flaps can get you into trouble rather quickly and get you into places yu might have a hard time departing from.

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