Just Released - VFR WAC charts for ALL of Mexico

Just Released - VFR WAC charts for ALL of Mexico

I am happy to announce that the ALL NEW VFR WAC charts for all of Mexico are finally available to the General Aviation community. The project to develop these charts arose from Mexico’s  General Aviation council meetings  where Caribbean Sky Tours met monthly with Mexico’s Civil Aviation Authorities and representatives from all  of the major General Aviation associations of Mexico to identify impediments to General Aviation (foreign and domestic) in Mexico. Amongst the issues identified was the need for reliable and up-to-date VFR charts for all of Mexico. A cross departmental task force between the two aviation  agencies of Mexico’s Secretary of Communications and Transportation (DGAC and SENEAM) along with INEGI, Mexico’s statistics and mapping agency was formed in early 2006 and under the leadership of Gilberto Lopez Meyer, director general of the DGAC, the project was initiated. All along, Caribbean Sky Tours has been assisting the task force and providing technical information gained over the years from the development of our Pilot’s Guide to Mexico.

We are very excited about this development  as it provides Mexican and visiting pilots alike with up-to-date topographical and aeronautical information far beyond what is currently available with FAA WAC charts and DOD ONC charts. Caribbean Sky Tours is an authorized distributor for INEGI and we will have charts available at booth 5032 in hangar E at Oshkosh for pilots to view. Come by and see these all new charts and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We have also added information on these charts to our website on our “Aeronautical charts” page along with 6 separate web pages for each WAC chart. We have also prepared a comparative analysis between FAA WAC, DOD ONC and Mexican WAC charts that you can download and read.

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Re: Just Released - VFR WAC charts for ALL of Mexico

This past week we completed a trip through central Mexico where we put the new Mexico VFR WAC charts to the test. We departed from our home base in Cancun and traveled across the entire Yucatan Peninsula into central and south central Mexico. We took along the old ONC charts that we had used in the past and the new Mexican VFR WAC charts. Night and day!!! The topographical information in the new charts is very good; roads, bodies of water and airports. It is also nice to have the current special use airspace and VOR frequencies on the the WAC chart so that you do not have to constantly refer to an IFR enroute chart for that information. We have also received a lot of very positive feedback from pilots that fly the Baja California area who have seen the improvement in accuracy of the new charts.

When we did our comparative article on different VFR chart options, we contacted the Mexico specialists for the FAA who do the WAC CH22 and CH23 as well as the Mexico specialists at the NGA who work on the DOD ONC charts. Basically, the ONC charts are 10-20 year old information and the FAA gets their data from the DOD which only receives data on 89 of the 1,500 airports in Mexico. The information for the other 1,411 airports is nowhere near as "clean". No one could tell me when the last time topographical information for the CH22 and CH23 was updated. Granted, in that part of Mexico there may not be much change in topography (roads, bodies of water etc.) so the biggest difference would be in the quality of the airport information for airports not in the Mexican AIP.

We have been uploading "unofficial" observations on the different WAC charts to the individual web pages for the respective charts on our website to maximize the value of these charts to all pilots that use them. These observations come from the DGAC, our own use and from pilots who have purchased and are using the charts.

At $ 11.99, they are not a bad deal.

Rick Gardner
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