Problems Receiving Comm.

Problems Receiving Comm.

Hello to all,
I just had an annual completed on my C-172L. While getting ready to do the first test flight, I do as I always do and hit the "test" button on my TKM 170 as well as switch to squelch on my KX170B to check to make sure both are coming through my headphones via my portable intercom system. I've had this set up for years with no problems. However, when I pushed the "test" button on the TKM 170 I heard the squelch noise for only a second and then it stopped. After playing around with it for a while, I discovered that I can only hear the squelch noise on Radio #1 (TKM 170) with the Trans. switch (audio panel) set to the Radio #2 position, and I can only hear squelch noise from the #2 radio with the trans. switch (audio panel) set to the #1 radio ?. The same condition exists regarding VOR squelch and Identifier beacon.. Please note that both radios transmit as they should as it relates to the Trans. switch position. This problem seems to be effecting receiving only... I asked my A&P did he do anything behind the panel other that change Vacuum system filters and he said that's all he did behind the panel. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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