Cessna 300/350/400 Training

Cessna 300/350/400 Training

2009 brings a New Year, a new administration, and another opportunity to brush up on those landings, engine management, approaches, or just general airmanship skills. The Lancair/Columbia/Cessna - Corvalis 350/400 TT is not the easiest airplane in the world to fly but it's not rocket science either, you just need a qualified, experienced, instructor once in a while to bring it all together.

Having been the Lead Flight Instructor at the Columbia Factory, I have provided over 600 hours of instruction in the 350/400 airframe both Garmin G1000 and Avidyne Entegra, taught hundreds of hours of ground school on systems, avionics, and engine management and had the privilege to deliver these beautiful airplanes and work with the most talented and generous group of people in the world. It is my pleasure to be available to provide initial factory style training, recurrent, and advanced instrument training in these fast, complex, and wonderful airplanes.

I not only provide the initial, recurrent, and instrument currency required by the insurance companies but can also be there at the factory to help you accept your new Cessna Corvalis 350 or 400 TT. I am also available to fly home from the factory with you anywhere you are headed using the G1000 to navigate safely, providing that extra level of confidence flying your brand new airplane any distance in all types of dynamic weather. I also work as an instructor for CAART (Cessna Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training) and although they are provided only a few times a year they are very popular with owners. If you cannot attend a CAART event give me a call and I can provide that level of instruction anytime. I also will be working with Dion Gotti of Evolution Aviators out of Seattle Washington providing training in specific areas that we feel owners would benefit from such as high altitude mountain flying in Aspen, fly-in like events traveling to the Bahamas, or providing international experience flying into Canada (maybe we can go to Banff! or the San Juans and Victoria or Mexico). In addition to training I provide pick-up and delivery of your aircraft to local maintenance facilities anywhere you wish and perform before and after maintenance flight checks.

Scott E. Fordham
President - NW Professional Aviation Services, Bend Oregon
Former Lead Flight Instructor - Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing
CAART Instructor
Garmin/Avidyne & TAA Instructor
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
541 771-3045

President NWPAS
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