1966 182J Annual

1966 182J Annual

I have a 1966 182J with only 1700 hours.  It has always been hangered, it has no corrosion, has new paint, and about 150 hours on a overhauled engine.  Between my uncle, father and myself, we have owned the airplane since 1970.  It is in overall great shape.  But...it is still a 43 year old airplane.

I just dropped the plane off for the annual and was wondering about preventative maintenance.  Due to the age of the airplane, what are some things that we need to start looking for that are not addressed in ADs and other bulletins.  Does anyone have a checklist of things to look at that go above and beyond a normal annual that is specific to this model plane?  I would rather be proactive than reactive on this one.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: 1966 182J Annual

Hi, I also have a relatively low time 182. Mine is a 1968 with a total of 2030 hrs. When I bought it 4 years ago it had 1705 hrs and was very clean. By clean I mean no corrossio below the floor panels,behind the baggage bulkhead, or within the wing structure.What I did find is that my airplane had been annualed and maintained by the same A&P mechanic for years. As this can be a plus, it can also be a negative. First I found my aileron carrythrough cables very worn on the overhead as they go through the wing root into the cockpit and accross. There are some pulleys there that were obviously missed during previous inspections that were not turning when the cables were being actuated. I also found lots of debris below the floor panels. The biggest things to watch on these older airplanes is for corrosion, cracks or seized fasteners. I am lucky that I am also an A&P/IA which affords me to go into the aircraft thoroughly. I find that Most Mechanics have a method that is the same for every airplane.this can be a negative because it seems that there is an expected outcome during every inspection and that is what the focus is. I would recommend to be present during at least every other annual just to see that proper follow up is being performed. Cleaning, lubrication, etc...Bear in mind that most mechanics see a lot of junk, from flight schools, irresponsible owners, and just plain old trash. When an aircraft that appears to be well maintained, there may be a tendency to not srutinize it so much. In that case, the owner definetely should.

take care,

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