Attn: Power Flow Owners

Attn: Power Flow Owners

Power Flow Owners,

Since all of you have been doing us a big favor by sharing your experiences with fellow pilots we've come up with a new program to help "give back" to you.  Send me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll fill you in further.

Also, after speaking to a number of owners at Oshkosh I've come to realize that there is some misinformation out there regarding horsepower.  Power Flow's tuned exhaust system is only capable of giving back the horsepower your stock exhaust has taken away.  On a 172 O-320 160 Hp engine, the Cessna stock exahust was only able to produce 133.8 Hp.  The Power Flow was able to produce 157.1 Hp for a net gain of 23.3 Hp.

So you are not adding 23.3 horsepower, you are simply getting back what the stock is taking away.  That change is what leads to improved climb, shorter take off roll, more RPM etc.

We are only as good as the stock exhaust system is bad, which is why we are not on aircraft such as the Piper Warrior, Arrow, etc.

I hope this clears it up a bit for you and as always don't hesitate to contact me with questions, comments, or issues.

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Re: Attn: Power Flow Owners

Thanks for the explanation.
I have a Powerflow on my Cessna 172K with 150 hp and worried about exceeding the power rating of the engine because my plane acts like it is developing more horsepower. Good to hear that is not how it works.

Prior to Powerflow, I used to fly with the throttle about an inch from full throttle and 2600 rpm and 120 mph.
With Powerflow, I cruise about 2.5" from full throttle with a 3" repitched prop (more pitch) and get 125 mph at about 2500 rpm.

When I am asked by ATC for "best forward speed", I can do about 130+ mph at 2600 rpm and still have throttle travel left.

In a slight descent, such as shooting the ILS or getting down to pattern altitude, I can easily do 140 mph or top of the green with throttle backed off a little from cruise setting. Before Powerflow and the pitch change, I couldn't do that at redline rpm. This capability is wonderful as I fly with a lot of jet traffic and having the option to fly the approach at the best forward speed is great to have.

I did the 3" prop pitch change just before I got the Powerflow and it was terrible in climb, and cruise was difficult as I could not develop over 2500 rpm in cruise. So, it's not the pitch change alone that gives the performance improvement.

Climbout is what I like best with Powerflow. At full throttle, I climb out at 120 mph and get a climb rate about 400 fpm with full fuel and one person. This is with a cruise prop + 1" pitch change.

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