Motorcycle Loading System - 206

Motorcycle Loading System - 206

Our company provides pilots with ground transportation solutions and we’ve received a few requests to develop a system for the Cessna 206. If you have a moment, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback to help us judge market interest and tailor the design to best meet your needs.

Below is a picture of a belly pod that we designed to carry a motorcycle beneath a Vans RV-10. Since the 206 has a double-door and plenty of room inside, we’d focus on a motorcycle loading system that would allow you to load/unload a street legal (250cc) motorcycle in less than 60 seconds.

A system of ramps, dollies and tracks will allow you to do this without any heavy lifting, assistance or tools. During loading, the motorcycle will be automatically guided into a securing fixture, without any need to tie it down. The equipment will mount to the rear seat attach points and may be removed in a few minutes to make room for passengers.

Only 1/3 of public airports have ground transportation services and often the short ground leg is the hardest part of a cross-country trip. We want to provide our customers with immediate and hassle-free ground transportation wherever they land. We want to enable them to explore their destinations, visit new places and have fun getting there.

What type of pilots might be interested in something like this? How often would they use it? What would be a reasonable price? What are your concerns? What features would you like to see? Your input is very important to us. -David Shelton

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Re: Motorcycle Loading System - 206

Here is a video of the system that we developed for the Vans RV-10.

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