New Product Cessna Manual Flap STC

New Product Cessna Manual Flap STC

I'm proud to announce that the EZ Flap manual flap upgrade STC has been STC-PMA approved for Cessna 170 through 185 aircraft using the manual flap system. (Piper aircraft also being added this month)

The EZ Flap handle extension device finally puts the flap control at the CORRECT distance from the pilot. No more bending forward in the cockpit, no more leaning down to reach the flap handle on the floor. Keep your eyes outside and your focus on your takeoff/landing zone.

This approved modification adds a significant amount of safety and convenience to flying the aircraft.

Regardless of what type of shoulder harness you do or do not fly with... no matter how tall or short you are... or whether you have long or short arms... EZ Flap makes reaching your manual flaps much safer, easier and faster.

Give yourself or your significant other the ultimate gift of increased flight safety and far greater convenience. EZ Flap installs in 30 minutes on most manual flap 170-185 aircraft, requiring only two holes. Mechanically inclined owners can easily install the unit themselves under supervision from their mechanic.

Full product details, photos, and information at  or feel free to contact this poster offline at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   if preferred.

Ask about free installation labor in the Los Angeles area.

Bill Berle
Inventor, EZ Flap
Los Angeles KWHP

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