ETS Aviation offers Help Desk

ETS Aviation offers Help Desk


ETS Aviation offers Helpdesk and low-cost MRV resources
for US and Canada.

UK / Gibraltar  – December 3rd, 2009 -  Operators in the US and Canada can now get help with their EU carbon emissions plans from a specialist company ETS Aviations Ltd. An international Helpdesk is available as well as fast expertise on completing the mandatory MRV plans.

For any operator caught by the rules of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, submitting this MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) Plan is an urgent priority. If an operator fails to do so, it will be liable to substantial fines and ultimately exclusion from European airspace.

These documents are not straightforward and many EU Member States required submission by 31 August, although some countries have extended their deadlines. No matter where the operator is based; if you fly into Europe you’re in the scheme.

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) says business aircraft account for just 1% of all aviation emissions. Nevertheless business operators are keen to play their part in mitigating their carbon impact. However, the EBAA estimates the administrative cost of the reporting requirements could be as high as €40,000 ($60,000) per operator per year, a cost most operators, it says, would be unable to bear in the current depressed and highly competitive market.

“Operators have been slow with their MRV submissions because of so many uncertainties over their reporting obligations long term,” says ETS Aviation’s CEO David Carlisle. “We offer practical help and indeed we’ve helped lots of them – large and small – over the past months. Now we’ve added the ETS Helpdesk which can solve the MRV problem for any operator within 24–36 hours.”

The ETS Helpdesk saves you time and money
• Quick answers to your questions
• Aviation professionals who are ETS experts
• Advice on web-based carbon accountancy solutions

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Plans
• Expert help with preparation of your Plan within 12-36 hours
• Avoids risk of heavy fines and other penalties
• Prepares you for annual reporting and verification

ETS Electronic Manual
• Expert help with production of Electronic Manual for operator’s Annual
Emissions Monitoring Plan (AEMP) and Tonne Kilometre Monitoring
Plan (TKMP) within 24 -48 hours

Annual Reporting and Verification
• Expert advice on the use of ETS Aviation Ltd’s AVIATION
FOOTPRINTER™ Carbon Accountancy software and online

For sales enquires please go to  or call +351 916 396 258.

About Aviation Footprinter™

Aviation Footprinter™ is  based on internationally-renowned carbon footprinting software developed by Queen’s Award-winning sustainability experts Best Foot Forward. It provides operators with a fast and efficient way of analyzing, presenting and reporting their annual emissions data in a format compliant with EU regulations. The same data can also be used to target operational inefficiencies, bringing down fuel costs and reducing the amount of carbon that will need to be purchased on the Emissions Trading Scheme market. The online software can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world by any internet-enabled computer thus cutting down on administration, auditing time, training and support.

About ETS Aviation

ETS Aviation, a new CO2 emissions company, has been established in response to two
major changes in the aviation industry:

•    a major regulatory change – the inclusion of the industry in carbon emissions
monitoring and accounting for the first time. This is the result of EU legislation
which starts to take effect in 2009, and takes full effect in 2012;

•    part political, part cultural change – the recognition that all airlines and
    aircraft operators must be seen to be doing their bit to monitor and reduce their
carbon emissions for a ‘greener’ world.

ETS Aviation provides a low-cost aid to meeting both challenges.

For more information please contact:
Jeremy Werner
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +(351)916.396.258
SKYPE: kokopeli36


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