Buying turbo 182RG - Suggestions?

Buying turbo 182RG - Suggestions?

Long time lurker, first-time poster.

Got my eye on a turbo 182RG and we're close to making a deal. Going to be used in a commercial operation, and eventually Part 135, flying 300 hrs/year or so.

I'm nervous about making sure I cover all the bases during pre-buy examination. Landing gear pivot/actuators are troublesome points, I've read. Haven't read Service Bulletin SEB01-2 yet (if anyone has a copy, PLEASE email it to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), which a poster in this forum mentioned a couple years ago.

Any other traps specific to this model?

What can be done to check out the turbo system?

Thanks a bunch.

Santa Fe, NM

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Re: Buying turbo 182RG - Suggestions?

Hi Marc;

I just bought a 1978 R182 in June. One of the things I did was run a Service Difficulty Report (SDR) list from the FAA web site on the R182 and TR182. My R182 was used in a Part 135 operation from the time it was new, and I bought it with 7900 hours. The plane did have one gear up due to a failed main gear actuator, and a cracked actuator was found on a 100 hour inspection.  My understanding is the 1979 and later all used stronger components (I think the 1978 used the same components as the 172RG).

I didn't see anything else in the report or the logbooks that were a concern.  It is a solid airplane.  Two people I know at Chino have the turbo, and I have rented a turbo at one local FBO. One guy has had his for 27 years and loves it. The other has had a problem with the turbo leaking oil, but said it is a minor problem and loves the plane otherwise.  I like my R182 but sometimes wish I had purchased the turbo.

Regarding the service manual, I purchased one from Cessna.  I think it was a little less than Essco, and you get all the revisions to the manual (there are several since the manual was originally published).


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