GA Pilot’s Guide to Winter Runway Safety

GA Pilot’s Guide to Winter Runway Safety

A GA Pilot’s Guide to Winter Runway Safety
With “Old Man Winter” making his presence known as far south as Texas and Louisiana last week, it’s a good time to review some of the basics of winter weather operations. Of particular note are contaminated airport surface conditions. Runways and taxiways that are slick with ice or slush can be extremely dangerous and operations in such an environment must be carried out with extreme care, or better yet, avoided altogether. 
Pilots can learn more about operating on icy surfaces in Meredith Saini’s “When the Runway Becomes an Ice Rink,” in the November/December 2009 issue of FAA Aviation News. Saini stresses that “with a report of poor braking action, you would be well advised to divert to an alternate where there are no reports of adverse conditions.”
The article also advises pilots the best course of action during a slick runway encounter, and urges extra vigilance due to visibility restrictions from snow-covered airport markings and signs. 
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