182 Turbo Spitting Oil at Start Up

182 Turbo Spitting Oil at Start Up

I was wondering if anyone else had this issue with their turbo 182. I have a 1982 T182R with only 360 TTAF, I am only the second owner. The airplane is like new in pretty much every way, has great compressions and runs like a new airplane. One problem that has been bugging me that I can't seem to nail down yet. When the plane sits for a few days to a week when I start it up it spits oil out of the exhaust and coats the wing and gear struts, left wheel pant and even all the way back to the left side of the horizontal stabilizer a bit. It just had a fresh annual and I even had my A&P double and triple check the oil to the turbo. He did find that the one way valves for oil to the turbo were performing correctly and he even consulted a turbo specialist. I was ready to remove the turbo and have it serviced but was told that unless it was dripping oil on the floor when sitting that the seal in the turbo was probably fine. What it feels like to me is that the seal inside the turbo is seeping just a small amount of oil and when I start her after a week or so it spits out what seeped during the week. After about 10 minutes of running, especially after the run up, the oil issue goes away for at least that day, shutting her down and starting her back up will result in zero oil. I guess I am looking for a turbo specialist here that can give me some solid direction.
Thanks in advance....

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