Safe Taxi Tips and Preventing Wrong Runway Departures

Safe Taxi Tips and Preventing Wrong Runway Departures

Safe Taxi Tips and Preventing Wrong Runway Departures
Notice Number: NOTC2090

The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) strategy is to significantly increase public safety by adopting an integrated, data-driven strategy to reduce the fatality risk in commercial air travel. The CAST model:

Identifies the top safety areas through the analysis of accident and incident data.
Charters joint teams of experts to develop methods to fully understand the chain of events leading to accidents.
Identifies and implements high-leverage interventions or safety enhancements to reduce the fatality rate in these areas.
One of the focus areas for CAST Safety Enhancements (SE) is runway safety. Recently updates to runway safety programs were added to the CAST website, which include information on PREVENTING Wrong Runway Departures and global Best Practices for REDUCING risks while taxiing.

Uploaded here is a nice brochure put out by the FAA on Preventing Wrong Runway Departures, and the Supplemental Implementation Plan (SIP) for CAST Safety Enhancement 60, "Commonly Used Safe Operating Practices for Taxi Safety."

More information on runway safety can also can be found at these websites:
ATA Runway Safety … Safety.htm
FAA Office of Runway Safety   
Signal Charlie

Point Of Contact: Kent B. Lewis, FAASTeam Lead Rep, Ft Worth FSDO, (817) 692-1971, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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