Apple iPad applications for VFR & IFR pilots

Apple iPad applications for VFR & IFR pilots

Airguide Publications, Inc., publishers of Flight Guide, announces new Apple iPad applications for VFR & IFR pilots.

     Long  Beach, California --  Airguide Publications, Inc. announced  the release of  three new
applications for Apple’s revolutionary iPad  in May especially for general aviation pilots – Flight Guide
iEFB VFR, IFR & PRO.  “We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the sneak peak of our
new  applications at Sun n’ Fun’s International Fly-in at Lakeland, Florida in April,” said Brenda Garcia,
Publisher, Airguide Publications.  “Pilot’s were amazed at the high-resolution quality color display of all
airport and chart data,   how fast and easy it was to pull up and enlarge all the pertinent information
for each airport and that this 1 ½ pound kneeboard sized device can hold all of the heavy and costly
paper charts pilots are required to lug around, at a fraction of the cost.”     
     Flight Guide iEFB -VFR includes all of our high quality airport & supplementary information that Flight Guide is known for,  and additionally provides sectionals and terminal area charts (TACs) to satisfy FAA  requirements.  Flight Guide iEFB -VFR provides weekly updates for the lower 48 states.   Flight Guide iEFB - IFR contains everything the VFR package provides with the addition of instrument approach plates and IFR Low Enroute charts.  Flight Guide iEFB - PRO includes everything the IFR package provides, plus IFR High Enroute charts.  In addition to the lower 48 states, chart coverage has been expanded to include: Alaska, Hawaii & the Caribbean.
     Sectionals , TACs and Enroute charts are all geo-referenced and can be zoomed in or out using Apple’s standard “pinch & drag” interfaces. Touching an airport on a chart will instantly bring up that airport’s information including: airport diagrams (with taxiways identified), Class B, C & selected D airspace graphics, frequencies (navigation & communication), flight operational information, FBOs (services, location & contact information), fuel prices, food, transportation, lodging and recreational information. A link from the airport information page will take you to that airport on the designated chart.  Flight Guide iEFB also includes current weather and forecasts with an internet connection.  NEXRAD weather will overlay on the charts and METAR and TAF data will be available on the airport information page.
       Flight Guide iEFB is the easiest way to stay FAA compliant, with thousands of airports and charts, in one light-weight multi-function device, for a fraction of the cost than printed sources. Pilots can purchase the Flight Guide iEFB application through the Apple AppStore in May.  Introductory pricing ranges from $9.95 - $19.95 per month.
            Airguide Publications, Inc., publishers of Flight Guide, has provided fifty years of excellence in airport and supplementary information to general aviation pilots.  In recent years Airguide Publications, Inc. has entered the digital market by providing airport, flight planning & enroute data products that can be used via the internet (Flight Guide Online), on lap top or tablet computers (Flight Guide Viewer), through digital electronic Sony & Kindle DX book readers (Flight Guide eBook) and coming soon for the Apple iPad (Flight Guide iEFB) and mobile smart phones (Flight Guide Mobile).   Furthermore, Flight Guide airport and supplementary data can be found in leading EFB Flight Systems by: Bendix/King by Honeywell, FlightPrep and Seattle Avionics.  Flight Guide provides the solution active pilots need for quality airport data in today’s complex aviation environment.  For more information visit

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