K-9 Ear Gear Press Release

K-9 Ear Gear Press Release

K-9 Ear Gear Press Release

New for 2010, 4 Paws Aviation has come out with new hearing protection for your pet. This new Ear Gear hearing protection is made of nylon, aircraft approved sound deadening foam, non-toxic “gel” cups, webbing, and a safety “break a way” clip.

Nylon is much stronger and last longer than formed plastic. Aircraft sound deadening foam is superior in sound reduction then regular closed cell foam. The “gel” cup is softer, more comfortable, and seals better. Webbing is used instead of Velcro, once the Ear Gear is adjusted, it will be the same fitted size every time. Velcro has to be re-sized every time and gets caught in the animal’s hair causing discomfort. The “break a way” clip for under the chin of the animal is for safety. If the animal gets caught on anything in the airplane and starts to choke, the “break a way” clip will pull apart saving the animal from choking, Velcro won’t do this.

Small and medium Ear Gear available now. They can be used with the only oxygen hood delivery system for your pet also offered by 4 Paws Aviation. Check them out on their website www.4pawsaviation.com  or booth 1010 at Oshkosh.

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