ACS Makes Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Solutions, "One-Stop"

ACS Makes Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Solutions, "One-Stop"

ACS Makes Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Solutions, "One-Stop"

Kansas City - Since 1993, Absolute Computer Solutions (ACS) has been a leading supplier of technology solutions.  EFB hardware acquisition, EFB hardware/software integration, GPS & weather solution acquisition and integration, as well as EFB training, is ACS’s core competency.

An EFB solution is made up of various components, all equally important. ACS’s core areas of expertise in hardware acquisition & integration are complimented by several strong partnerships, including: Fujitsu, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Motion, General Dynamics Itronix, Panasonic, etc. Due to its Authorized Service Provider status, as well as a 10 year plus proven partnership, ACS typically leads with Fujitsu equipment. Clients can not only order equipment from ACS, they can also get it repaired from the same company, which reduces the necessity of working with the manufacturer.   

In addition to Hardware, the proper software solution must be strongly considered in order to truly be considered an EFB, as opposed to just another piece of hardware off of the shelf.  When an EFB solution is acquired from ACS, all necessary software is fully integrated onto each EFB, prior to delivery. Once the client receives the complete solution, all that is left is training and EFB program guidance, to assure a smooth transition from using paper in the cockpit to a fully functional electronic solution.  ACS provides the necessary training for its offerings to assure complete client satisfaction. Clients are shown how to use the EFB, including:  how to access and utilize important programs such as W/B and/or performance software, navigational charting software usage, portable GPS and weather solution usage, and general EFB usage.

An effective EFB solution would not be complete without a strong support system standing behind it. Some EFB programs have faltered due to improper training, faulty support, confusion, etc… ACS strives to mitigate these risks with their proven support package, coupled with each EFB solution provided.

For more information about ACS’s products and services, you can visit: or call 913-262-7977.

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