Schweiss Enters Alliance with European Partner

Schweiss Enters Alliance with European Partner

14 April 2010 Schweiss Enters Alliance with European Partner
Fairfax, Minnesota, and Prague, Czech Republic, April 15, 2010.

In a forward-looking and global economy business decision, Schweiss
Manufacturing, a Fairfax, MN firm recognized as the leader in both bifold
and hydraulic doors in North America announces a strategic collaboration
with Strojkov Engineering and AveoEngineering  companies in Central

Christian Nielsen, the American owner of the two engineering companies
stated,  "This joint venture with Schweiss capitalizes on our proven
advanced engineering and low-cost manufacturing resources while extending
the Schweiss tradition of unsurpassed quality and performance in the
commercial, industrial and aviation door industry to the European
Nielsen’s engineering and manufacturing group includes facilities in the
Czech Republic, Slovakia, India and Malaysia.  Because of his extensive
aviation background, he was well aware of Schweiss as the top brand to
partner with in developing a European manufacturing and marketing division
for the Schweiss products.

”My initial conversations with Mike Schweiss "clicked" for me, whereas I
found the top dogs at the other door companies mostly focused on marketing
hype instead of the substance of a solid company and product,’ related

Mike Schweiss views incredible opportunity for both firms. "Chris and I have
reached a strategic partnership that will see us bring exciting new products
in both high-tech control and safety systems plus advanced door engineering
to our product line. For example the last 6 months we have seen intensive
collaborative engineering and development work on the exciting
MasterCommand™ control and safety system that is a paradigm shifting advance
for the door industry.”

This joint venture is already generating new ideas.  Schweiss noted, “The
integration of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiencies to
our door product solutions will be achieved from the additional resources and
expertise of GreenAir Engineering, Neilsen’s renewable energy system
company that specializes in hybrid solutions of solar and wind combined.”
Schweiss will have a manufacturing footprint in the heart of Europe with the
150,000 square foot Strojkov/Aveo production facilities."

Paul Whittingham, EVP of AveoEngineering added, "This venture will mean a
new generation of door solutions will be a reality in both the North
American and European markets soon, with expansion to the Middle East and
Asia  the next phase of the cooperation."

Strojkov Engineering  is the leading design
engineering firm in Central Europe, with a decade of advanced engineering
design and development support to world-leading multinational firms.  It
also offers extensive manufacturing capabilities to its clients with its
excellent production facilities and experienced team.  AveoEngineering is a leading electronics products development and
production company that specializes in the aviation, marine and safety

Said Nielsen, “I have been a pilot all my life using my own planes for
business too.  Because of my aviation background I have known about
Schweiss doors.  Without hesitation, I say the Schweiss doors are the gold standard
of the industry.

“When I decided to build an airpark at the regional airport outside of
Prague, Czech Republic, I designed and built the hangars on this new
There are now 43 hangars in this project, all larger hangars with doors of
40 to 65 feet. This project took me to many door manufacturers, always
speaking personally with the CEO of each company.  In the end, the trail
led back to the door I knew well, SCHWEISS.”

“So today our vision coupled with that of a strategic partner like Schweiss
will make a powerhouse combination and shift the paradigms of industrial
and aviation door systems globally, ” summed up Nielsen.

David Eckman

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