The Sky Steward Empathizes with JetBlue Flight Attendant

The Sky Steward Empathizes with JetBlue Flight Attendant

The Sky Steward Empathizes with JetBlue Flight Attendant

MIAMI, Aug. 11, 2010 -- Gailen David, aka The Sky Steward, empathizes with the JetBlue flight attendant who made a quick escape down an emergency chute after the stress encountered on the job pushed him to the breaking point. In fact, Gailen suffered his own stress crisis in the 1990's that pushed him to remove himself from flight status to decompress and resulted in a video chronicling his experience with extreme cabin pressure.

Upon returning to his position as a flight attendant, he delivered workshops to help his frontline peers deal with stress experienced on the job. For years he enjoyed his career all over again, but has since chosen to take a leave from flying following an emergency landing of one of his flights.

Gailen has trademarked the Jetiquette(R) term as he promotes civilized travel through his blog, his podcast and through television appearances. Throughout Gailen's career he has been an advocate for proper in-flight behavior from passengers and crew alike. Gailen is also the author of "Jetiquette ... The Customer Experience and You."

"As service on many US airlines has changed, delivering less amenities and more delays, the frontline employees have been put in a virtual war-zone, left to deal with irritable customers and more tension-filled cabins," Mr. David explains. "The JetBlue incident illustrates how this type of stress can bring about very unexpected results."

About Sky Steward:

Sky Steward was founded by air travel expert Gailen David and serves as an online resource and forum for travelers.
The site provides industry analysis and expert opinions regarding travel, customer service, the airline industry, airfares, in-flight service and airport-related topics. Sky Steward also serves as a resource for several national media outlets, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, NBC, NPR and Fox news. For additional information, visit Contact Marcy Alexander at Ionosphere Media at 877-759-7839, ext. 4

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