Dilution Demand Oxygen Conserving System

Dilution Demand Oxygen Conserving System

Press Release                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

aerox® Develops "DD02"  Dilution Demand Oxygen Conserving System P/N 4110-160

Limington, Maine, October 1, 2010- aerox® has developed the Oxygen Conserver System which is intended for use with current portable oxygen systems. Maximum Oxygen Duration with Minimal Effort. The device uses negative inspiration pressure to trigger pulse oxygen. Completely mechanical, no batteries required. When the user inhales, a supply of oxygen is delivered, simple, safe, and effective, reducing the demand on the users standard portable supplemental oxygen system, and increasing duration times.                           


Regulator Pressure Range 20-25 PSI

Outlet Pulse Settings Position 1-6   

1st Position (OFF)
2nd Position (10,000 Feet) - 1.0 LPM  Equivalent
3rd Position (12,500 Feet) - 1.25 LPM Equivalent
4th Position (15,000 Feet) - 1.50 LPM Equivalent
5th Position (18,000 Feet) - 1.80 LPM Equivalent
6th Position (EMERGENCY) - 2.0 - 2.5 LPM Continuous Flow

The System Includes a convenient strap for wearing around
your neck. Outlet Hose with Flow Indicator, Inlet Hose with aerox®  , CPC, or Skyox Plug-in Fittings.

Leave it to aerox®  to establish the Gold Standard in  Demand Supplemental Oxygen Systems! Since 1981 aerox continues to develop and provide new and innovative solutions for your high altitude travels. aerox® offers a complete line of stock and custom systems as well as parts and accessories. aerox is a provider of OEM systems serving Diamond, Piper and others. In addition to aviation related products they can design emergency and first aid systems for use on the ground or in the air.
To learn more about aerox® and their product line visit www.aerox.com You can contact aerox® at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 1-800-237-6902
Source: AEROX®

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