EA100 Adapter Available as Evolution System Upgrade

EA100 Adapter Available as Evolution System Upgrade

Aspen Avionics’ EA100 Adapter Available as Evolution System Upgrade

Digital autopilot interface reduces maintenance costs; brings greater safety and reliability to the cockpit

Albuquerque, NM, October 8, 2010: The certification and availability of the EA100 Adapter for attitude-based autopilot systems was announced today by Aspen Avionics, Inc., manufacturer of innovative flight display solutions. The EA100 provides a digital-to-analog data conversion between the EFD1000 and an aircraft’s attitude-based autopilot system. The adapter enables the Evolution Flight Display’s AHRS to provide accurate and reliable attitude information directly to the autopilot. Aspen customers now have the option to remove aging (and expensive) legacy attitude mechanical gyros when they install Evolution Flight Display Systems.

“The EA100 improves installed legacy autopilots by providing superior digital attitude information, effectively breathing new life into the aircraft’s automatic flight control system,” said Brad Hayden, Aspen’s Vice President of Marketing. “The EA100 Adapter has the added benefit of eliminating the expensive ongoing repair and overhaul costs associated with maintaining mechanical autopilot attitude gyros, like the Bendix/King KI-256.”

Aspen leverages the Evolution Flight Display system platform to offer safety enhancements over traditional mechanical or competing digital autopilot control systems. In Evolution 2000 or Evolution 2500 Package systems, the EA100 can be installed to receive attitude input from either the EFD1000 Multi-function Flight Display or the EFD1000 Pro Primary Flight Display. The redundant AHRS sensors in these multi-display configurations allow the pilot to independently monitor autopilot performance. Aspen is the only avionics manufacturer to offer this level of autopilot integration and reliability.

The EA100 has the added capability to immediately disengage the autopilot if an AHRS fault is detected. This represents a safety improvement over legacy designs where an autopilot would continue to respond to attitude commands from the gyro, even if that gyro’s performance had become degraded or otherwise inoperative.

The first version of the EA100 will allow the replacement of the popular Bendix/King KI-256 attitude indicator and will support the KAP 100/200 series, the KFC 200 series, and other Bendix/King autopilots that require input from that model of gyro. Future versions of the EA100 Adapter will support additional Bendix/King, Collins, Cessna/ARC and Sperry autopilot systems.

The EA100 Adapter is available from Aspen Avionics authorized dealers and is priced at $2,495.00.

About Aspen Avionics, Inc.
Aspen Avionics specializes in bringing the most advanced technology and capability from the commercial and business aviation markets into general aviation cockpits—and budgets. Our products increase situational awareness and reduce pilot workload, making it even easier and safer to fly in both VFR and IFR conditions. The way we look at it, getting the latest avionics technology shouldn’t always mean spending a lot of money—on equipment or installation. At Aspen Avionics, we design products to be affordable, easy to install, and easy to own.

About the Evolution Flight Display System
The Aspen Evolution Flight Display System is an affordable, expandable and upgradeable PFD, MFD and hazard sensor cockpit solution for general aviation aircraft. Highly compatible with existing aircraft avionics, the flexible Evolution Flight Display System lets aircraft owners install all Evolution Flight Displays and options at once, or separately, as their needs and budgets permit.

High resolution Evolution Flight Display images are available at www.aspenavionics.com/imagedownloads.

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