EFT Now provides Free on-board weather with Chartflier and ADS-B to GA

EFT Now provides Free on-board weather with Chartflier and ADS-B to GA

EFT Now provides Free on-board weather with Chartflier and ADS-B to GA Pilots
Atlanta, Georgia - November 1st, 2010 - From Essential Flight Technology, the provider of an easy to use, general aviation, electronic flight bag (EFB) product; Chartflier introduces integration with Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver technology.  Essential Flight Technology’s Chartflier product represents the easiest to use full-featured EFB on the market.  Chartflier runs on Windows tablet and new slate PCs with minimal system requirements.  The product is optimized to work on netbooks and virtually every tablet PC produced in the last 3-5 years.  Chartflier is lightweight and "just works" - requires no special configuration of Windows or extra horsepower.
Essential Flight Technology provides its Chartflier software free with a simple $149 annual subscription that includes VFR and IFR en-route charts, instrument procedures, airport diagrams, and aviation database.  EFT also bundles Chartflier with a number of convertible tablet and slate computers starting at just $599 for an 8.9” screen and 32GB Solid State Drive (SSD) including a full annual subscription.  Their simple approach to software, no-nonsense pricing, and hardware selection makes Chartflier the best value for the money.
“Adding free ADS-B weather information to our EFB greatly enhances a pilot’s situational awareness and increases safety,” said Colin Bitterfield, president of the Atlanta based Essential Flight Technology.
"Utilizing the GDL90 standard allows Chartflier to receive data from any compliant ADS-B receiver, which allows us not only to be first in the market with the next generation of pilot safety and weather, but also bring the most cost effective solution” he added.
Portable EFT receivers enable ADS-B weather capability without costly installation and subscription fees.  They plug into an aircraft power receptacle and communicate with the Chartflier EFB over either a wired or wireless connection. Chartflier supports virtually any ADS-B Receiver using the GDL90 standard.
You can fly with free ADS-B weather today!  Chartflier is available now with full METAR/SPECI, TAFs, winds and temps aloft, and PIREP information.
Retail receiver price is $1,199 and available in our store now.  Chartflier version 1.5 is ADS-B aware and ships November 1st, 2010.  Chartflier 2.0 with NEXRAD integration is shipping a few weeks after.
For further information, contact Essential Flight Technology, Inc, 1915 Airport Rd, STE 2J, Atlanta, GA 30341; call (404) 954-1915 or log on to http://www.essentialflight.us

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