NavWorx® is Now Shipping Affordable ADS-B

NavWorx® is Now Shipping Affordable ADS-B

NavWorx® is Now Shipping Affordable ADS-B, Providing Aircraft Traffic and Weather to GA Pilots

ROWLETT, TEXAS, OCTOBER 27, 2010 – NavWorx, Inc. announced today the company is shipping the industry’s first ADS-B Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) designed to receive subscription-free aircraft traffic and aviation weather. The NavWorx® ADS600-B™ transceiver delivers TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather and flight information to a variety of aircraft electronic displays. The ADS600-B™ is designed to be fully compliant with FAA TSO-C154c and is FCC Approved. ADS-B UAT equipment uses the 978 MHz frequency providing significantly greater bandwidth than the conventional 1090 MHz, or extended squitter (ES) channel.

ADS-B brings pilots enhanced situational awareness and improved air traffic safety. The new ADS600-B™ is designed to capture and display this freely broadcast information directly in the cockpit. With its ADS600-B™, NavWorx® is the only company delivering affordable ADS-B solutions today. The NavWorx® ADS600-B™, priced at $2,495, allows pilots to receive ADS-B and TIS-B traffic everywhere, not just in the terminal areas. With the ADS600-B™, pilots also receive FIS-B weather and flight information services, not available on the 1090ES channel. Today’s 1090 Mode-S transponders, typically costing $3,649, receive only TIS-A terminal traffic.

NavWorx® introduced the first portable ADS-B receiver and the first fully-functional ADS-B receiver for experimental and light-sport aircraft in September 2008. The ADS600 product line is designed to be upgradable and compatible with the most commonly used electronic displays. The ADS600 can be installed on both experimental and certified aircraft when it meets the FAA’s “portable installation guidelines.”

Despite recent news questioning the benefits of ADS-B equipage, NavWorx® offers both affordability and availability of the technology. ADS-B is considered a key component of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen. In May 2010, the FAA mandated equipage of ADS-B Out for aircraft operating in Classes A, B, and C airspace, as well as certain other specified classes of airspace within the U.S. National Airspace System. The FAA also announced it would be accelerating ADS-B coverage efforts in advance of the previously announced 2013 deadline.

The NavWorx® ADS-600-B™ provides today’s pilots with an unprecedented level of real-time, streaming traffic, weather and flight information services in the cockpit. ADS-B coverage in the U.S. spans from the Northern Central States, along the Eastern seaboard to the Gulf of Mexico. Coverage is also in place in Southwestern States, and along the West Coast. For a current ADS-B coverage map, visit

NavWorx®, Inc. is the leader in affordable ADS-B technology. The NavWorx® product line consists of the ADS600™ and PADS600®, both ADS-B receivers designed for certified, experimental, and light-sport aircraft. The ADS600-B™ is a remotely mounted UAT designed to be fully compliant with the TSO-C154c standard, pending FAA TSO. The ADS600-B™ takes full advantage of the free broadcast of traffic and weather under the FAA-mandated NexGen ADS-B network.

For further information, contact NavWorx, Inc. at 3906 Industrial St, Suite 100, Rowlett, TX 75088; call 1-888-628-9679; or log on to

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