Your daily coffee now benefits General Aviation

Your daily coffee now benefits General Aviation

Your daily coffee now benefits General Aviation.
Essex Junction,VT -- Flying High Coffee, LLC is contributing a minimum of 15% of all profits from coffee sales to fund youth scholarships and general aviation programs.
Ponder for a moment how much coffee the aviation industry consumes. Now imagine if every time anyone in aviation drank a cup of coffee a contribution was made to an aviation scholarship program.
That's the idea behind Flying High Coffee, a new aviation-themed coffee company offering high quality coffee beans delivered to homes, hangars and offices across the US.
Rob Riggen, owner of Flying High Coffee and a Certificated Flight Instructor has always been passionate about introducing others to aviation. His New Year's resolution involves giving back to aviation in a big way -- and providing others a simple way to participate, too.
"We hear so much about an aging and dwindling pilot population and high student pilot drop out rates", laments Riggen. Pulling together, he feels that pilots and other aviation aficionados can make a significant positive impact on the future of general aviation.
"On average individuals will spend about $200 per year on coffee," says Riggen. "Multiply that by the million or so aviation people who consume coffee on a daily basis and it adds up." Flying High Coffee is capturing a portion of this revenue and directing it back into programs that will promote and encourage youth to become involved, thereby securing the future of our industry.
The coffee Riggen sells is roasted fresh as the orders are placed on his Web site ( and shipped right away. This means the coffee arrives as fresh as it can be -- which sets it apart from other coffee options. "Freshness is the absolute key to the best flavor in your coffee. Larger coffee companies can't get it to the customers this fresh. Small batch roasting will produce a superior cup of coffee every time", Riggen observes.
Others in aviation seem to agree about the quality of Flying High Coffee. Elissa Lines, the VP of Business Relations at the Experimental Aircraft Association had this to say after trying Flying High Coffee for the first time, "It is excellent! We are just finishing the package you sent and both me and my husband enjoyed the rich flavor; it surpassed our home brewed Starbucks!"
There are other factors that go into the best coffee experience as well, which Riggen chronicles through articles and content on his Web site. Many varieties of coffee are available.
Flying High Coffee seeks to elevate the coffee experience for all aviation professionals and enthusiasts by "Providing Your Daily Lift". Home, office an hangar delivery is always available via the Web site.
To learn more or to order coffee for your home or business, visit Flying High Coffee, LLC on line at:

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