AvTek LLC now has PMA-STC-Full-Approved

AvTek LLC now has PMA-STC-Full-Approved

AvTek LLC now has PMA-STC-Full-Approved

FREE S/h & Discount on High Intensity Halogen Landing Light from AvTek with Pulse-Landing Lights.

AvTek LLC now has PMA-STC-Approval for every General Aircraft installation on Pulsar MOSFET, Pulse Landing Light System allowing better Mid-Air Collision Prevention.
P-Channel Power [Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor] released in 2006 by Fairchild Labs will last forever and the power loss at the Landing-Light is not measurable, this means every milliamp sent to the incandescent Landing Light will be pulsed not lost in heat. Works on all Landing Lights, including: HID & LED
Silent pulsing and no large circuit transistor box to install.
“Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor Field-Effect Transistor” 

Pulsing the Brightest Light its Landing Light allows approaching aircraft from up to 12 miles away to see your aircrafts position.
  Dimension: 3” x 1.5” 1” height weight 3 oz

Pulsar does not change or alter your Landing Light.  Your existing Landing Light switch is not disconnected, allowing the option anytime to override Pulsar for a steady Landing Light whenever you need a steady light.

Two Pulses Speeds:
1)    Fast similar to Police and emergence vehicles during the day
2)    Slow at night similar to a Rotation Beacon or Light House at Sea.

Fast Easy Owner 40 minute install, just three wires and your done.

AvTek LLC Kent, Wa 98032
www.avtek2.com for info and orders
Call 1800/770-3265 253/852-1055 for more info Offer to expire April 2011

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