General MX Questions after Review of Logbooks

General MX Questions after Review of Logbooks


What a great resource Cessna Owner Organization is!

I have a couple general maintenance questions after my first indepth review of aircraft log books. I am thinking of purchasing the aircraft (182P).

What is the typical lifetime of fuel bladders?
Is there any special logbook entries required for an aircraft that went overdue for an annual, I.e. one that had not been flying for awhile?
There seems to be a bit of "magic" associated with compression checks. With no maintenance, how can a cylinders compression increase from one annual to another?
If one cylinder tends to lose compression before the others, is this indicative of another problem?
If a recuring AD, seat rail inspection compliance for instance (76-07-12), is listed intermitently as being inspected during annuals, is this okay? Ie. As long as during the most recent it was inspected so the aircraft is compliant?
Is there a known problem with 182 engine mounts. I see them advertised in the magazine?

That's enough for now. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Phil Lancaster

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Re: General MX Questions after Review of Logbooks

Fuel bladders last about 12 years...some more some less.
I dont believe that there is any requirement for the logbook.  I would simply write the discrepency "aircraft is out of annual"  then the corrective action under it once the annual is complete.
Compression readings are often higher lower than last time.  Readings will vary on if it was done on a hot, warm or cold engine.  Consistant readings are what to look for.  Say 75 should be about +/- ~3psi.  There may be no problem with any cylinder if its lower, you are looking for trends and if you see a spike that is then cause for further investigation.  Reoccouring annuals can be listed in the logbook seperatly, or at annual as "all ad's complied with", either way you are covered, usually different mechanics sign things off somewhat differently.  There is nothing that I can think of to suggest that there is anything wrong with the engine mounts.....just normal wear and tear.

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