Member looking for drawings

Member looking for drawings

Hello all.  Below is a e-mail I received from a COO member that is looking to modify/STC a axle.  He is looking for the axle drawing(s) for the 180.  If you can help him please contact him via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hello Thomas,  Thanks for the response.

The reason I am looking for the axle drawing is because we want to STC the
same axle in Titanium.

I am also a Maule rebuilder, and we are STC,ing an improved Oleo Gear for
the Maule, using C185 type hollow steel axles.
I,d like to produce the axles myself in Ti.

Also we are working on a Super Cub Gear using the same C185 axles.

The C185/180 type axle permits simpler Ski installation, for one thing, and
with the use of shims, wheel alignment is also simpler.

Would it be possible to make a call on your site to request any member to
perhaps supply the drawings sought.

Regards,  Erik van Veenen

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