1958 Cessna 182

1958 Cessna 182

I have a 1958 182A that is for sale.  It is a project that needs some leading edge metal work, the boot cowl replaced, and the front nose gear put back on.  I have all the parts to fix it. Tail surfaces and ailerons in great condition.   Do not have the prop and there are no entries in the logbook about a prop strike.  With the project I have an extra o-47 block, cam, crank, and 6 extra cylinders. I also have pistons to go with the jugs,  spare doors, spare cowling halves, new front mount for the landing gear, extra brake parts, new headliner, new dash cover and everything needed to complete this project.  The engine has around 1500 SMOH and is still together. The airframe is in the mid 3000's.  It last flew around 1990.  It has been in storage since.  I have all logs from close to day one for both engine and airframe.  I don’t have any avionics that are of any use except old adf's and an old radio.  No Liens, current registration, and the aircraft is disassembled and is in NC.  $11,500 OBO.  Any other questions, feel free to contact me at 216-650-9260 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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