MH Oxygen builds the 3000th Pulse-Demand Oxygen unit

MH Oxygen builds the 3000th Pulse-Demand Oxygen unit

MH Oxygen builds the 3000th  Pulse-Demand Oxygen unit

*FADOC™ = Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control

Building on its leadership in general aviation oxygen systems,  Mountain High’s aviation oxygen technology for general aviation and rotorcraft has built number 3000 (3000) of the two-person  “MH EDS O2D2 Pulse-Demand *FADOC™ Oxygen Delivery Unit”. The MH EDS O2D2, designed and manufactured in Oregon,  is the only single unit, portable, two-place, digital Pulse-Demand oxygen system available and is used through-out world by experienced pilots, both civilian and military
The MH O2D2, with the patented digital electronic “Pulse-Demand” *FADOC™ oxygen delivery system was tested by CAMI (FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute).  The O2D2 enables the pilot and passengers to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 feet with absolute oxygen safety and comfort. The O2D2 digital pulse-demand system reduces oxygen consumption dramatically.  Different from the “standard” constant flow systems, the O2D2 pulse demand system wastes no oxygen during the breathing cycle. The average user will enjoy a conservative consumption drop of four (4) times or more compared to the manual constant flow systems.  The system operates, with one or two people, for up to 50 + hours on three AA alkaline batteries.
Easy to use, the two-person O2D2 reduces oxygen system workload to almost nil.  There are no oxygen flow indicators to watch or manually operated constant flow valves to adjust due to altitude changes.  The O2D2, through the various modes, automatically delivers the required oxygen pulses for changing altitudes… for both the pilot and passenger or with an additional O2D2, two additional passengers.   MH EDS O2D2 is a fully functional portable system.  The portable system consists of an aluminum oxygen cylinder (buyer has a choice of sizes), a cylinder carry case,  seat back holding straps, primary reducing regulator, low pressure service line, all connection fittings, the MH EDS O2D2 FADOC™ unit, breathing cannulas, face masks, batteries and a tote bag…everything needed for a complete supplementary oxygen system, including a limited warranty.
A variety of options are available to meet specific pilot needs, including lightweight composite cylinders, four place regulators, adapters, Oxy-Arm boom cannulas and comfortable silicon facemasks with built in noise cancelling ClearSpeak™microphones.   For additional information, contact Mountain High Equipment & Supply, toll free at 800-468-8185 or E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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