New York City Hudson Corridor

New York City Hudson Corridor

About a month ago I purchased (with 3 other guys) a 1975 Cessna 177 Cardinal. She is absolutely beautiful and is definitely a step up from what i've been renting (Citabria 7GCBC). Well, I've been flying the Cardinal all over since we got it and last week was my parent's wedding anniversary. They've been wanting to fly up the Hudson for quite some time now but us living in Maryland would have made the trip with a rented Cessna 172 rather pricy. Owning an airplane, however, made the trip much more affordable. We departed Harford County Airport (0W3) around 9:30 am on a very windy Saturday and made our way through Phili class B and up to NYC. Once on with New York approach, I told them that I wanted to fly the Hudson in the Bravo. There were planes EVERYWHERE and it was reminiscent of a bee hive. I didn't want to be 'see and avoid' down low with nobody looking out for me. The controllers were awesome and they told me to descend and maintain 1,500 ft on the Manhattan side of the river and advise of any altitude or heading requests. The Cardinal has TIS and it was going nuts yelling "TRAFFIC! TRAFFIC!" so i just silenced it for the time being. I had all my lights on, strobes, landing light, taxi light, nav lights, and beacon as well as being in complete control of ATC so they pointed out everyone around me. It was really nice having the TIS on the G430 though because I could predict where people were going to be. I was very glad I did the trip at 1,500 ft IN the class B rather than VFR down low. There were helicopters and planes all over the place and it would have been a challenge to see everyone. It was awesome! Definitely the trip of a lifetime and I cant wait to do it at night when I get a chance. I'm not to nervous about flying over areas where there is no place to land in the case of an engine out, but if you're going to do it, I would recommend bringing inflatable life jackets or something because IF something were to happen, you'd have no option but to pull a Sully Sullenburger and land'er in the Hudson. We got some beautiful pictures and a cool video.

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