<HTML>The AOPA has asked all pilots to call their Senators and Congressmen on Tuesday 10/2.

Please see AOPA web site: … alert.html

The phone numbers for your elected officials is listed at:

Please call, do not email.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you call:

Personalize and localize the issue. Let them know you are a constituent of their district or state. Stress the hardships and economic effects on you and on aviation in your hometown. If you are grounded in the Class B, so state. If you live outside, but are unable to enter, tell your Representative or Senator the direct and indirect impacts on you.

Request specific action. This is the whole point!

Ask them to contact the National Security Council (NSC) on your behalf and urge the Council to restore our flight activities in these areas. Request that they intercede with the NSC and request that NSC hold a meeting with AOPA and other GA organizations to solve this problem.


Something must be done immediately to permit the 41,000 general aviation aircraft affected by the prohibition against operations under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) inside the 30 Enhanced Class B airspace areas to return to the skies.
AOPA has received creative solutions from members throughout the country. These can be brought to a meaningful discussion of procedures that address the security threats, that can be handled within air traffic system constraints, and will still allow reasonable VFR access to Class B airspace.
Such solutions include allowing aircraft weighing 6,000 pounds gross takeoff weight or less to resume operations. These aircraft weigh less than many automobiles and have insufficient weight, momentum, and inertia to cause significant damage.
We Need Your Help Now!

It is going to be the combined efforts that you, other AOPA members, and your association put forth that is going to make this happen.

Please call today!</HTML>

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<HTML>Last night I FAXed both of my senators and my congresswoman.  Today, I called the offices of all three.  I specifically mentioned all of the GA airports in the San Francisco Class B airspace, and said that I and thousands of others who fly VFR out of  these airports have been grounded since the tragic events of September 11.  I further mentioned that although I am grounded, student pilots are able to fly solo VFR in enhanced Class B airspace, and that I am completely mystified by this inequity.  Then I mentioned that although my airplane is grounded, I still have fixed costs to pay such as insurance, tiedown, personal property taxes, etc., and that many GA businesses are dying because of the restrictions.  Then, I said that all we're asking for is a meeting between GA representatives (Phil Boyer, Tom Poberezny, etc.) and the National Security Council to discuss options which would allow us to resume flying, while still safeguarding national security.

All three offices said thay had had "hundreds" of phone calls from pilots on the subject today, and that these comments would be passed on to the senators and congresswoman.  Individually, we can express our views and hope we're heard.  When it's a collective ROAR, though, you'd better believe they pay attention.

Please call your senators and congressman/congresswoman if you haven't already done so.

C-172 N2686U</HTML>

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