'57 C180

'57 C180


My name is Gig Hagad.  I live in one of the Visayan
islands of the Philippines.  I had the good fortune to
locate a 1957 Cessna 180 in one of the farms here and
my brother, who is based in Texas, decided to buy it.
It's basically still in original condition, including
the polished aluminum, yellow and black striping paint
scheme.  According to the logbooks, total engine and
airframe time is less than 1100hrs.

The engine fires on the second or third turn of the
prop although it does consume quite a bit of oil when
flying.  Flight performance is still impressive.

The skin and paint is, to put it kindly, weathered and
we're tyring to undertake a restoration that would
hopefully put her back to how she looked like in 1957.
Easier said than done, of course, knowing just how
limited our resources are here. 

I'm wondering if somehow there could be some people in
your organization who could help us out.  We need a
ton of information, though.  Firstly, we have no clue
as to what the exact hue of black and yellow were used
and what type of paint - I believe some retouching was
done on this plane over the years and we're not really
quite sure what the original paint was like.

The instrument panel is largely intact as well as the
controls.  The upholstery, though, is kind of a
mystery.  As it is now, the 'leather' covering of the
front seats are light brown and the rear is blue with
gold trim.  The side panelings appear to be original
and come in a sort of beige and mint green
combination.  Unless Cessna was experiencing an
artistic blue period during 1957, I doubt if this
combination was chosen.

This plane was bought new from Wichita by the previous
owner and my brother bought this from him last 1997.
It was based purely on the farm before we purchased
her and they had a rough airstrip behind their
farmhouse.  They did have a hangar built, however, so
for the most part, she was protected from the

I'm really interested in doing the best job possible
with this project.  The plane still looks fantastic
and I believe it is one of the most original pre-1960
180 around anywhere.  Any help your members can share
with me will be really appreciated.

If you wish, I can post updates on the project as it
goes along to share with your members.

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from your members


Gig Hagad
Bacolod City

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Re: '57 C180

<HTML>Hello, Gig!
  Well, you certainly have an challenging project, if you intend to fully restore the 180 so far away from where most of the available parts are located.  I admire your ambition!
  I suggest that you contact the factory marketing division (I believe they have a website with email, but their mailing address is: P. O. Box 1521, Wichita, Ks 67201 U.S.A.)  You should request a copy of your aircraft's original packing sheet.  This will provide you with the details of the aircraft's configuration as it left the factory.  Also, you should request a photo-copy of the 1957 Model 180 brochure.  It will help you determine the available options and colors.  Another helpful document to request will be the "Process Specification" sheet.  This will go into great detail of the exact specifications for the airplane.  I have the sheet for the 1953 year (I have a restored 1953 170B) from it's restoration process, and I will email that to you directly for your reference.  But keep in mind that it's only for the '53 model year.  To be correct or "period style" you'll need to request the '57 sheet.  Good luck.</HTML>

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Re: '57 C180

<HTML>Hi George,

Many thanks for the invaluable tips.  I'll truly try to secure the documents you suggested I get hold of. 

Among the Process Specs. info that I find most useful is the note concerning the paint used in the interior. It mentions 'Lima Tan' which I believe is what we still have on this plane's instrument panel.  What's really neat is that it describes where this paint hue is to be applied.  On our aircraft some parts like the fuel-selector valve plate and flap lever have been repainted over the years and the process specs tell us that these items were painted with the same hue as the instrument and side panels.  The rudder pedals and surrounding mounts were painted with the same hue, as well. Invaluable information especially from this end of the world!

I'll try to send some pictures as soon as our mail server allows me to.  I'm not quite sure how I can share the photos on the website.  Maybe you can lend me hand with this.

Again, many thanks.  I'll try to keep this thread spinning as we move on with the project over here.


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