Prop Strike Damage

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Volumetric exam is something performed by a gynocologist. I think.

Well, really an engine TDI does involve the majority of the labor amount to do a major overhaul. I would say that over half choose to go ahead and major their engine at this time, using the insurance funded TDI as a 50% off coupon. This does make sense if your engine is getting close to mid time, but in John's case, he's not going reap the same benifits that someone with 1500 SMOH would. Now don't be getting any bright ideas about prop strikes on your high time engines; we could start another thread on insurance fraud.

The TDI is a total disassembly of the engine. All rotating mass, crank, rods, accessory drive gears, etc., undergo a magnetic particle inspection. The crank gets the mag part. and an ultrasonic inspection. The crankcase gets inspected, and any accessories that drive off the crank. The pistons are not removed from the cylinders during a prop strike TDI.

The cost for removal and reinstallation for the engine will range from $1000 to $3000, depending on your aircraft.The base cost of the TDI  will range $3-5000 for a 4 cylinder, and $4-6000 for a 6 cylinder. Any discrepancies related to the prop strike will fall back on your insurance, however any other problems due to normal wear are yours. If it is not serviceable, and it wasn't caused by the strike, you pay for it. This part disturbs some customers, but there is never a better (or cheaper) time to find out you have other problems.

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Re: Prop Strike Damage

Thanks Del.

Volumetric exams are a class of exams that can look for internal  for defects, e.g. radiography, Mag particle, ultrasonic.  Visual exams are another class that only look for surface defects, e.g. dye peneatrant.

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